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Welcome to the online forum
for Guelph Neighbourhoods!

TReal Estate Photohe Guelph Neighbourhoods is a network of neighbourhood groups, sponsoring agencies and program partners. Each neighbourhood group operates in an autonomous way at the grass roots level to meet needs for children, youth and families that have been identified within the neighbourhood. Neighbourhood groups bring together their collective resources to share information, provide support, distribute available funding resources, advocate for community issues and required funding.

Joining our forum is a quick and easy procedure: simply sign up for the online forum using your real name and contact information. We are open to the public, but our purpose is to connect those who participate within, or are partners with, neighbourhood groups within Guelph.

Because of excessive spam you will be required to identify letters and numbers in a box to prove you are not a 'spam-bot'. If you are having trouble, please contact the chair of your neighbourhood group!

This site is a volunteer effort. Please respect the site, and all members within who are trying to make a positive difference for our city! Comments: E-mail Mark Bailey

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